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I had to rearrange the entire studio before I could even start on this large painting.? I soon realised the step stool I was using was going to be inadequate for the job.? So off I went in search of something better… and look what I found.? A mini scaffold, perfect.

? artworks by Lorraine Corker : all rights reserved
photographs by Lorraine Corker

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I am so lucky to have such views

and a corner window each end of the studio
to enjoy them.

I have a corner seat here and enjoy watching
the birds flit through the bushes. I also
have a pond directly below the window where
I get mesmerized by the fish. ? Perfect for

This cheeky critter lives in the roof space above
my studio. He lands with a thud every evening and
continues to thump about for several hours
after that.? But I love him.