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I knew very little of dad’s history because like many people of his generation he did not talk about the past. Undeterred by this I asked him what my grandad was like. He picked up a pencil and quickly whipped up this sketch.

It was such an unexpected answer. I still didn’t get to know anything more about grandad but It was a very touching moment.? I thought if a picture could in fact paint a thousand words, this was it.

Dad kept his memories but this sketch has become one of my most treasured memories of him and my grandad.

He returned to England and that was the last I saw of him.

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People often ask me how I come up with my images and ideas. All I can say is they do not come out of thin air but are part of a process in which each work informs the next and where mistakes are embraced.

Taking chances may cause unintentional results or ‘mistakes’ but have confidence in the process to see it through. You will learn to understand the difference between mistakes that work and those that are lessons for future projects.

Do not keep starting over again and again, only to reach the same unresolved place – unless you get past that point you will never learn. Push through and you will learn from it, no matter what the result. The end result doesn’t matter, but the lesson is invaluable.

Always question whether it is a mistake or another possibility.

Trust is the key.

Trust in yourself and your process and be prepared to learn through it.

The only mistake is to worry about making mistakes. Getting beyond that means that every work YOU do will inform the next and as a result YOU WILL GROW AS AN ARTIST.

This video is a great inspiration and one that I will keep close by. We are all subject to that fear of ruining a work that seems to be going well and perhaps not taking it as far as we might out of fear of making a mistake.

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

"If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original."Watch SirKenRobinson's classic TED Talk about how schools can nurture creativity: #TeacherAppreciationDay

Posted by TED on Tuesday, May 8, 2018


These two beauties are going to a new home in Victoria, Australia thanks to Etsy. But you don’t need to miss out. My full range of archival wildflower and landscape prints are on show and for sale at my Open Studio starting on 8th September. Also available, landscape paintings and contemporary art prints.

Bud – that moment when the flower is about to burst.
Available on etsy now.

Dessert Pea

Starts Dessert Pea – one of nature’s curiosities.? available on etsy now.

My daughter, Eve Wolfe, a successful emerging artist will also be showing her miniature sculptures along with her tonal drawings.

We will be providing you with a bit of fun and laughter along the way, and maybe even some wonderment as you make your way up our very own little art trail leading to our hilltop studio.

When you have finished why not pop around next door to Charlene O’Brien’s studio to see her eco clothing and couture.

In all there are 24 studios open to the public.

The Armadale Hills Open Studio Arts Trail
September 8-10, 15-17, 22-24
10am to 4pm

Check this link for the downloadable map with addresses and information about each studio:

It should also be available from Armadale Visitors Centre.

?? artwork by Lorraine Corker : all rights reserved



This work is all about being part of a large family.? We do not have a family tree but a forest.? The forest is populated by the members of my family.? With the ‘big boys’, (I still call them that), just behind me.? And the younger members of the family forming the tree trunks behind them.? Not forgetting mum and dad, who are in there too.

Perhaps at this stage I should do a roll call in order of age.? I have to say I always feel a huge sense of pride when I do this.? They are:? Ken, Eric, Billy, David, Kevin, Ged, Henry and then came the girls: Malvina, Lorretta, Lorraine (me), Rebecca and to finish it all, the baby of the family, Sam.

The face in the foreground is of me when I left home to go to art college and began a new life.? The image shows how I am remained connected to my family through the family roots.

? artwork by Lorraine Corker : all rights reserved

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