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A Dedication to William Kentridge

CREATIVE WRITING has long since been behind the scenes of my art practice. It has played a discrete but important role – sometimes acting as a catalyst behind my visual work. At others times a way of documenting it.

This poem is a dedication to William Kentridge ans was written, while watching one of his animation videos, in the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

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I knew very little of dad’s history because like many people of his generation he did not talk about the past. Undeterred by this I asked him what my grandad was like. He picked up a pencil and quickly whipped up this sketch.

It was such an unexpected answer. I still didn’t get to know anything more about grandad but It was a very touching moment.? I thought if a picture could in fact paint a thousand words, this was it.

Dad kept his memories but this sketch has become one of my most treasured memories of him and my grandad.

He returned to England and that was the last I saw of him.

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When the kids were little I used to work with their drawings to make things for them. I made all manner of things including murals, bags, clothes and much more.

I had just completed a quilt made with the drawings James and Eve had done to welcome Helen into the world.

Then I started on this with the intention of recovering the baby bouncer. But before I had chance to finish it I went into labour. It never did get finished.

That was more than thirty years ago. I don?t think it ever will now. What do you think?

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Playing with Shadow and Light – 2001

As I wasn?t able to plant out this soulless garden I had to find another way to make it interesting.
The only saving grace as far as I was concerned were the amazing colours of the bore stains, which I imitated when painting the fence. Every day at the same time I painted the shadows and sunlight as they fell on the fence.
It was so enjoyable watching what I can only describe as a giant garden-sized sundial. As painted shadows and sun light approached the real ones, before overlapping and moving on. A wonderful play of light and shade, real and fake.
An added bonus was that it was always sunny in my garden, no matter what the weather


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