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A Dedication to William Kentridge

CREATIVE WRITING has long since been behind the scenes of my art practice. It has played a discrete but important role – sometimes acting as a catalyst behind my visual work. At others times a way of documenting it.

This poem is a dedication to William Kentridge ans was written, while watching one of his animation videos, in the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

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Mapping a Distressed Canvas

An interesting project in which I have deliberately warped a canvas to create concave shapes within it. Today I am mapping the these concave shapes with the intention highlighting them with colour.

Watch this space, this is just the beginning…

Working towards an exhibition at: City Arts Space April/May (dates to be confirmed).



Hilltop Art House

Seating in our exhibition space at Hilltop Art House. I am working on them simultaneously to ensure they balance each other. It?s a big project!

This is the moment I have been waiting for where I can not only see how the two settees are working together but how the entire space works. Some minor tweaking has taken place but surprisingly very little. This work takes a lot of concentration and decision making with every shape, line and mark being considered. Needless to say I was in my element.

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