A Star Named Lily

Each night I look out towards the night sky to seek out the star we named Lily in remembrance of our dear mum.

This work was selected for the exhibition, 26?S 121?E | ON THE?MAP at Mundaring Art Centre a contemporary Print Exhibition – Curated by Laura A Taylor. It is run in collaboration with the Printmakers Association of Western Australia (PAWA) and the Print Makers Council of Australia Inc (PCA). I am one of 35 people representing contemporary print in Western Australia.

.ABOUT PCA Established in 1967, PCA is a national non-profit organisation that promotes contemporary fine art printmaking, including artist books, zines, and works on paper. It provides support and advocacy for artists and, through publications, commissioned editions, exhibitions and other events, PCA works to foster a greater appreciation of original prints and knowledge of the history of Australian printmaking amongst the wider community. www.print council.org.au

ABOUT PAWA Printmakers Association of Western Australia (PAWA) was established in 1974 and based in the old Perth Technical College. In 1976 the group incorporated a constitution within theassociation and its objectives were to ?further a knowledge and appreciation in the traditions of printmaking? and ?to promote and encourage experimentation in and production of prints